Year 7 Office

The Year office provides pastoral care for all students. In conjunction with your son / daughter’s tutor, pastoral care will inspire, engage and monitor academic achievement and emotional well-being for each student at Wey Valley.

Your Head of Year 7 is Miss H Taylor / Miss M Claridge.

Miss Taylor / Miss Claridge can be contacted on:

Telephone: 01305 817045

Email:  /

Should the Year office be unable to take your call, parents are invited to leave a message and a member of the team will call you back.

Students in Year 7 will attend weekly assemblies covering topical issues, academic updates, information on extra-curricular activities and presentations from external bodies. Assemblies are also a time to celebrate and recognise success / achievement / good citizenship, including the award of certificates to students.

The Year office also monitors student attendance and with support from tutors takes a registration twice per day (a legal responsibility) at 8.30am and 12.44pm. The Year office and tutors will contact home to discuss continued absence from school.

The Year office will arrange academic mentoring for students and maintain an overview of individual student performance and liaise with Curriculum areas. The school has a comprehensive rewards system and a Sanctions ladder where parents will receive automatic updates via the School Gate Way.

The Year office will co-ordinate the Parent Consultation Evening, for which there are further details and arrangements on the school’s website.

The school has a duty of care for every student in school and the Year office will report any child protection concerns to the child protection officer.

The school has secure and tested behaviour policies and the Year office monitors behaviour by responding to referrals and maintaining a record for each student.

The Year office and tutor also monitor the uniform of the tutor group members and may contact home, arrange sanctions as necessary and referring to Head of Year if frequent non-cooperation.