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The Hub


The Family Learning Project, free workshops aimed at Parents & Carers, to book a place 01202743279 or email

The Hub allows the Wey Valley School to expand their capacity to respond to the differing needs of support for students.  

The work of The Hub is intended to give students the skills needed for them to work in mainstream classrooms where they may not otherwise be able to.

We want students to be able to know how to show respect, behave in class, comply with school regulations, work in class and handle conflict appropriately.

The Hub will

·         aim to support subject leaders and teachers in enabling the learning of students with needs which manifest themselves in behaviour and self-management issues

·         to work with and, where possible, support parents and carers in enabling their youngsters who attend Hub courses to make progress and experience consistency both in and out of school.

·         work with outside agencies to provide a consistent support package for the students working in The hub

·         deliver a Personal Learning Plan designed to meet a student’s assessed needs with the goal of their fulfilling their potential and, wherever possible, taking a full part in the life of the school and mainstream classes

·         The Hub is also available at break and lunchtimes offering a safe and supportive area where values of friendship are encouraged and reinforced. This has allowed many students to develop their social and interpersonal skills

The Hub offers students a course designed to address needs which have been highlighted and assessed at the Student Achievement Group (SAG).

Each student will have a Personal Learning Plan and The Hub aims to promote students’ academic, social and emotional development.

The Hub will also make a key contribution to the provision of a stable, caring and supportive learning environment; to enable students to achieve their full learning potential and facilitate their personal, academic, social and moral development.

Some activities may be individual or group-based, depending on the needs of the student, and some activities may be off-site or involve external agencies. 

The Hub will offer a planned and supported reintegration programme at the end of any Personal Learning Plan course.

Students returning to school from fixed-term exclusion will undergo a reintegration Personal Learning Plan, based in The Hub. The nature and timescale of this will be individually negotiated to meet the student’s needs

The Wey Valley Hub is an integral part of the whole school and supports our students to remain engaged in education as long as possible. It is a place for rigorous learning which supports students in mastering the challenge of school and raises their self-esteem and motivation in a caring and positive atmosphere.