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Student Council

The Student Council has had a long history of providing a voice for our students, as well as being a vehicle for their participation in the community.

The Student Council is drawn from the widest cross-section of students from our community, reflecting the diversity of our student population.

All tutor groups choose two representatives to our Tutor Representatives Council, which in turn freely selects a smaller Full Student Council of twenty members.

Both ‘councils’ have a say in major decisions and developments in the school as well as fund raising and campaigning. Recent activities have included determining the menus for the new healthy school dinners, campaigning against bullying and developing the school policy, working on the teaching and learning agenda and improving the school environment.

The Student Council provides a voice which is considered equal to all other stakeholder voices in and around the school. It is a valued and trusted voice which can improve the lives of students and the school.

For further details, or to make suggestions to the council please contact Mr Wilson at the school.

Students Looking After Students

As part of the school’s commitment to the welfare of students we encourage students to care for students. We firmly believe that students are often best placed to understand and assist each other, benefiting the emotional health and well-being of both.

We encourage our students to participate in the wider life of their communities both inside and outside of school, and this in turn encourages the development of a proactive and responsible attitude in our students. We also believe that through participation and helping others our students help to challenge any negative perceptions of our young people that others may have.

Senior Leaders 

The Seniors Leaders play a vital role in the school; they assist with Visitors, VIPs, Open Evening, Parent Consultation Evenings; Award Ceremonies, Charity Fundraising and Lunch time activities.

The School has over 80 senior leaders including a Head Boy and Head Girl as well as a Deputy Head Boy and Girl.