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Physical Education - Core           

Physical and recreational education is an integral part of an education for leisure and health. By participating in purposeful and enjoyable activities the individual is provided with wide and diverse opportunities to develop his/her personal motor activities, master challenging physical skills and have the opportunity to gain accreditation in sport.

Young people must be prepared to meet new situation that arise in moving from the guided child-centred environment of the school to the relatively free and independant adult community. The physical and recreational programme aims to develop positive attitudes towards post-school recreation that will provide enjoyment and a healthy lifestyle.

At Key Stage 3, years 7 and 8 are taught and assessed in the following aspects:


All students in KS4 will have an opportunity to personalise their PE curriculum through the leadership pathway programme. The multi skill pathways utilise the ‘raising the bar’ resources for achieving outstanding learning in PE and sport. The focus is on the development of the whole child, player or athlete. The current pathways on offer are:

      Coaching and leadership
      Outdoor adventure
      Outdoor Adventure

All pathways will offer all students an opportunity to a gain sports leader qualification at different levels, coaching awards, first aid certificate and an opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

      We aim to inspire a lifelong interest in sport.