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Home and School Agreement

2018/19 Academic Year

At The Wey Valley School, we strive to build a strong and open relationship with parents/carers in order to create a stimulating learning environment which continues from school to home and provides all students with the opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability.

A safe and welcoming environment is very important to us and the expectation is that all aspects of this agreement are followed by parents/carers, students and the school; for the benefit of all.


In choosing The Wey Valley School I will:

1.      Take a positive interest in all aspects of my child’s schooling, attending parents’/carers’ evenings and any meetings requested by the school.

2.      Download the School Gate Way APP so that the school can send messages to me and so that I can view all relevant information about my child (progress, attendance, achievement and behaviour points)

3.      Ensure my child attends (DFE expectation is a minimum of 96% of the school year) and if my child needs to be absent for medical reasons, I will notify the school each day he/she is absent.  I will not remove my child from school during term time for any other reason.

4.      Ensure my child is punctual, properly equipped and dressed fully in line with the School’s Uniform Policy.

5.      Positively engage with the school, making school aware of any matters which may affect my child’s work/behaviour.

6.      Support the school’s policies on behaviour including sanctions such as detentions.

7.      Ensure my child completes their homework as set on Show My Homework.

8.      Treat staff members, students, other parents, and external agencies with dignity and respect and encourage my child to do the same.

9.      Encourage my child to accept authority and use the proper reporting channels (eg) Tutors, Heads of Department, Heads of Year if they have concerns.

10. Social Media

·         Use social media responsibly in order to set a positive example for my child and other students.

·         Not post content on social media which is damaging to the school or any member of the school’s community, including other children and also my own child.

 11. Always use polite and respectful language when on the premises or in communication with staff/students.

12. Only enter the school via Reception so as not to breach safeguarding and site security procedures.

13. Be aware that staff may not be available to speak to parents on demand and appointments can be made through the main office.

Students will:

1.      Attend school regularly.

2.      Be punctual.

3.      Dress fully in line with the Uniform Policy.

4.      Download the School Gate Way App so that progress, attendance, timetable achievement and behaviour information can be viewed.

5.      Behave in line with the Behaviour Policies to ensure a positive learning environment for all.

6.      Not use social media to bully, intimidate or bring into disrepute any member of our school community.

7.      Comply with the Bring Your Own Device (Mobile Phone) Policy.

8.      Bring all necessary equipment to lessons.

9.      Behave with courtesy towards everyone in the school and the wider community.

10. Represent the school with pride when travelling to / from school and during school trips.

11. Complete homework on time and to the best of their ability.

12. Accept the authority of staff and if they have any queries about how matters are dealt with, see their Tutors in the first instance.

13. Treat the property of the school and that of other students with care.

The school will:

1.      Encourage and enable all students to learn, progress and achieve.

2.      Keep parents informed of student progress and be available to discuss this.

3.      Provide a broad and balanced curriculum ensuring equality of access for all within available resources.

4.      Ensure homework is set through Show My Homework and marked regularly.

5.      Celebrate talent and success, use praise and rewards to motivate students.

6.      Ensure that the penalties for poor behaviour in the Behaviour Policy are consistently applied, for the benefit of everyone in the school community.

7.      Endeavour to act with care, compassion, kindness and respect to all members of the school and wider community, and encourage students to do the same.

8.      Ensure staff act as positive role models for young people.

9.      Work to keep students safe within the school’s safeguarding policies