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Welcome to English

The Wey Valley English department are committed to developing students’ subject knowledge and enhancing the specific skills of reading, writing and speaking and listening. Students study a range of challenging texts, and are encouraged to achieve to the best of their ability at every opportunity. Regular checking of students’ subject knowledge is built into our lessons to support the demands of the new, content-heavy GCSE specifications. Students at The Wey Valley School make excellent progress in English and are exposed to a range of classic and modern literature.                                                                                                       

Key Stage 3 English Curriculum

The Key Stage Three curriculum has been designed to lay the foundations that will enable students to succeed when they reach Key Stage Four.

Students study a range of units which focus on the skills needed for both the English Language and English Literature GCSEs.

Texts studied include:


Romeo and Juliet

The Tempest

The Adventure of the Speckled Band

A range of poetry 

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Students begin their Key Stage Four journey in year 9, where they will study texts from previous GCSE specifications to consolidate the skills they will need when they begin year 10. At the end of year 9, they will begin studying the poetry anthology that they will use for their GCSE. The students will also use a range of fiction and non-fiction extracts to support their learning of the skills needed for GCSE English Language

In year 10, students will study their English Literature set texts, and then they will shift the focus of their learning to their English Language GCSE in year 11. Details of the set texts are below. All texts and revision guides for each text, as well as generic revision guides for both English Literature and English Language are available to purchase from our Finance Office.

For both English Language and Literature, our exam board is AQA for current year 11.

For current year 10, our exam board is AQA for the English Literature exam they will be sitting at the end of this year.

Key Stage 4 Topics of Study

Year 9
•Of Mice and Men
•A View from the Bridge
•Power and Conflict poetry

Year 10
•A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
•Macbeth by William Shakespeare
•For current year 10 and 11 students: Animal Farm by George Orwell
•For students who will be in year 10 from September 2018: An Inspector Calls by JB Priestley

 Year 11
•Year 11 will focus on the skills needed for their English Language GCSE through the study of several different fiction and non-fiction extracts
•Students will also revise their English Literature content and skills

How can I support my child?

Many parents ask us what they can do to ensure their child achieves the best possible grades at GCSE. Below are some ways that you can support your child and help us to make the most of their time at Wey Valley 1.Encourage them to read! Students who read widely and frequently will improve their prospects, not only in English, but across the curriculum. Many of the new GCSE papers contain language that is complex and reading will improve your child’s vocabulary and ability to process such language.
2.Discuss your child’s learning with them. Ask them to explain what they have been studying to ensure that they fully understand it.
3.If possible, purchase revision guides for GCSE students. If this is financially difficult, please speak to your child’s English teacher about alternatives.
4.Help your child to be organised with their homework. In English, homework is set that is designed to support the teaching in class. If your child is not doing their homework, they will not be learning to the best of their ability.
5.Communicate with us. If there is something your child is struggling with, or something that is happening at home that may impact their work in class, please let us know.