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Design & Technology
The design and technology department aims to introduce students to the world of technology through working with a range of materials, tools and equipment. We aim to develop enquiring minds and practically-skilled students. Students will solve genuine design problems within different contexts, all whilst considering their own and others' needs, wants and values. Our curriculum is supported by enrichment opportunities e.g. robotics days, technology challenges, visits and a technology club.

KS3 Curriculum

The design and technology KS3 curriculum at Wey Valley follows the requirements of the revised National Curriculum and gives students the experience of working with a wide range of materials. In years 7 and 8 students complete eight units of work. By the end of year 8 students will have worked in all material areas (food, textiles, resistant materials, electronics and product design) and can then choose to work in specialist areas at GCSE in year 9. Students will usually be expected to opt into those areas in which they have shown interest and/or flair. Within KS3 we also now incorporate the ‘Licence To Cook’ programme which aims to give all students basic cooking skills.

In Year 9 students will choose to work in a specialist material area, however need to maintain an understanding of all of the other key material areas in preparation for their GCSE exam. 

Work is assessed in five strands - research and investigation, generating ideas, planning, manufacture and evaluation. Each unit will focus on three of these strands.

KS4 Curriculum

Looking further ahead we currently offer six GCSE options, enabling specialism and preparation for future careers:

D & T Electronic Products
D & T Resistant Materials
D & T Product Design
D & T Textiles
Hospitality and Catering

KS4 Assessment

Currently all Design and Technology is taught following the EDEXCEL exam board.

Hospitality and Catering is taught following the WJEC exam board. 

The Department

The department consists of three workshops for Resistant Materials, Electronics and Product Design manufacturing work, one Food room, one Textiles room, a Graphics room and a computer suite with 24 computers and CADCAM equipment.