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‘I’ve always been interested in dance but now I’m obsessed’

Frankie Glynn, former Yr11

Why Dance?

By studying Dance, students build their confidence levels and personal and social cooperative working skills, while learning how to express emotions, issues and concepts through an alternative medium to pen or voice.

At Wey Valley, all students study Dance in Yrs 7 and 8. At Key Stage 4 Dance is offered as a specialist exam course, and students can opt to follow GCSE Dance and the BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts (dance pathway).

Within the GCSE Dance course, students learn the art of choreography and appreciation of professional dance works while continuing to develop their expertise as contemporary dancers. The BTEC Tech Award takes on a more vocational approach, exploring a variety of dance styles including musical theatre jazz and post-modernism in contemporary dance. Students also learn how to put on dance shows, creating dance pieces, costuming, advertising and even the financial budget planning.

There are numerous enrichment opportunities for Wey Valley students including the Dance Club and annual dance show.

‘Dance is the human activity most likely to promote joy’

(Arts Council for England)