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Achievement & Rewards

We believe that our school must promote high achievement in young people, irrespective of their abilities or aspirations and recognise that positive behaviour is essential to fulfilment of student potential.  We value all those who work in our school and have high expectations of staff and students alike.

The Wey Valley School is committed to local community comprehensive education which is open to praise and constructive criticism in a genuine spirit of partnership.  We believe that all students have responsibilities towards their peers and the community and that rights and responsibilities go hand in hand.

The school Behaviour policy recognises the requirement of rewards and sanctions in school as a fair and consistent measure to acknowledge, celebrate and monitor student behaviour, attitudes to learning and their general conduct inside and outside of school.

The rewards system will recognise a wide range of achievements, including behaviour and high attendance.  Its purpose is to motivate students and to make them feel valued and to increase their self-esteem. 

General Award


After school revision – good effort


Contribution / effort in class


Good citizen in / out of school


Accelerated Reading – meet target


Excellent homework


School event – great student ambassador


95%+ attendance in half term


100% attendance in half term


Progress 8 measure met / improved in snapshot


The school expects all staff to contribute to the student reward system through the School’s Information Management System (SIMS).   Staff will be able to add commentary, where necessary to confirm student's good work – this information will form part of the School Gate Way information for parents and carers.

Heads of Year will monitor attendance on a half termly basis and the Progress 8 measure (student progress) after each assessment snapshot.  The Year group assembly at the end of each half term will be an opportunity to celebrate and praise students and award prizes. 

Heads of Year may wish to present the Year group reward table at Assemblies during the half term as a way of promoting competition and encouraging good student attendance and progress.  The Year teams will also have a dedicated display board (Piazza corridor) with regular updates to keep students informed.

The Whole School Assembly at the end of each half term will also provide an opportunity for the Principal and Senior Leaders to acknowledge student successes through the reward system

Parents and carers will receive App notifications through the School Gate Way confirming the award of achievement / reward points for their child.  The School Gate Way will hold a record of all achievement / reward and behaviour points for each student.

The school will consult with the Student Council and Staff Forum for feedback on the reward system to ensure it meets the needs of students and acknowledges excellent attendance, academic progress and student conduct.