Wey Valley students remember

Wey Valley students remember

Symondsbury Estate welcomed Year 7 students from the Wey Valley School as part of the First World World War remembrance of the Armistice from 1918 with a Poppy display on Colmers Hill.


Mr James Grummett, joint Head of Art and Photography from the Wey Valley School paid tribute to Year 7 students who had created 350 poppies, all recycled from drinks bottles,  ‘ Year 7 have been fantastic in their art lessons, creating so many poppies and the student group who visited Colmers Hill were excellent ambassadors for the school.’


Mr Grummett added, ‘ We would like to thank colleagues from the Symondsbury Estate with their welcome and refreshments in their big hall whilst we listened to war time music.’

Sage Wilson, from Year 7 said, ‘ I enjoyed going up the hill with the poppies with my class mates and the view across Bridport and towards Portland was very pretty"

Caitlin Bunting added, ‘My favourite thing was carrying the poppies up the hill. I nearly fell over due to the windy weather, but I loved the view at the very top. I also loved taking photos at the top.

The Wey Valley School joined other schools to visit Colmer Hill to add their poppy displays to the red river of poppies that meandered beautifully down the hill.