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Learning Resource Centre

Opening Times

 Monday to Friday
 8am to 4pm
Friday 8am to 3:30pm
 Monday to Thursday (Homework Club)
 3:10pm to 4pm

The ASPECT Learning Centre has recently been refurbished with excellent learning resources including 30 laptops, 15 Computers, a scanner, colour printer and photocopier.  Students are able to access 10 Kindles, each holding up-to-date books and books for all abilities. Mrs Glynn, who manages the Learning Resource Centre, is always available to support students, including Homework club.

The Learning Resource Centre is welcoming and a positive and calm learning environment, suitable for full classes or individual students.

To aid student learning, refreshments are available throughout the school day.

Students can access an extensive catalogue of literature, suitable for all ages and abilities.

"Future Aspect"

An area set aside for careers advice with a large selection of college and University prospectuses as well as literature focuses on the path the pupils may choose for their future. 

"Current Aspect"

Relaxing area with large comfortable sofas and wide range of daily newspapers and Magazines. Titles subscribed to include BBC Top Gear, Focus, National Geographic as well as back copies of Mojo, Flip, and many more.

"Fiction Aspect"

Where the fictional literature can be found

"Reference Aspect"

Selection of reference books such as Atlases, encyclopaedia,
dictionaries-all to back up work researched on the internet.

"Primary Aspect"

We host workshops for local primary schools, who come and use our facilities in an organised day of educational fun.

The Learning Resource Centre has an area dedicated to the promotion of literacy across the curriculum. Here we celebrate and commemorate the various occasions throughout the year by linking the event to various title that are relevant,

As a Sports College we now have a specialist display concentrated on sportsmen and women. Autobiographical literature is particularly popular.

The Aspect is brightly decorated with Artwork that students have produced, some dramatic and extremely eye catching. This enhances the area and gives students a feeling of ownership.

Year 7 students attend the Learning Resource Centre once a fortnight as part of their English lessons. Students read quietly as well as practise study skills using books and the internet.