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Free School Meals

The government have recently introduced new money for schools called the Pupil Premium. This money is designed to ensure that students who are eligible for Free School Meals get access to extra support and projects that are run by the school. Information on the Pupil Premium support being offered to students at Wey Valley is posted on the school website.

I believe there are students at the school who are eligible for this support but are not currently receiving it. Whilst some parents / carers have previously not registered to access a free school meal where they are eligible, this registration is now key to unlocking financial resources for students and the school to improve further.

We are asking all parents to complete the Free School Meal form, which can be accessed and completed on-line. Please click here to view information on applying for Free Schools Meals and the short on-line application form. 

Completing this form does not affect any benefits or support that you may already receive, and this is new money for schools at a time when other benefits are being cut. In the past some parents have missed out on support as they have thought they did not qualify, therefore I am asking all parents to complete the form.

If you are eligible, you will be informed directly by County Hall who will also let the school know so that the free school meals may start. Below is a sample menu from our school ‘Diner’ and further information is available on the school website.

Week 1 Chicken & Vegetable stir fry Vegetarian Risotto Sweet corn Dundee cake& custard Beef Lasagna Macaroni ‘Double’ Cheese Green Beans Chocolate Fudge pudding with custard Roast Turkey Vegetarian Toad in the Hole, Roast Potato, Broccoli, Swede Steamed Marble sponge with custard Sweet & Sour pork Vegetarian Chilli Rice / Mixed Vegetables Bread & Butter pudding with custard Crispy Battered Cod Cheese & Tomato Quiche Chips Mushy Peas Baked Beans Apple & Blackberry crumble with custard

Yours sincerely,

Sara Adams