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Co-Operative Academy

The Wey Valley School became a Co-operative Academy on the 1st September 2012.

This Academy route for schools has received approval from the Department for Education.  The co-operative Academy model was developed in partnership with a group of co-operative Trust schools who wanted to pursue academy status in view of the additional freedoms and funding available, whilst maintaining the essential characteristics of co-operative Trusts:

  • An ethos based on our globally shared co-operative values – which are included in the definitions in the articles for a co-operative Academy together with a specific values clause
  • Direct engagement of key stakeholders and the local community in governance through membership and a members’ forum.

In addition a Co-operative Academy school provides a mechanism for a mutual support network of co-operative schools through the Schools Co-operative Society – a co-operative owned and democratically controlled by co-operative schools. It is supported by the Co-operative Group, Britain’s biggest co-operative and the Co-operative College, an educational charity.

Supporting information on the school’s Co-operative Academy status can be found via the Articles of association document.